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mzbunny's Journal

11 July
Well I was going to make you guys wait for the movie, but here goes...I'm Bunny (but, of course) and since last August when it rained in the N.O., i've been living in HOU...Which ironically, I really like considering I never thought I could live here(I mean scratched & screwed, give me a break!)..if you keep up with me and my journal, expect alot of sarcasm + a little cynicism, peppered with alot of ego and a dash of bravado---The outcome>>>Real B*tchy...But I do promise to entertain...Well enough about me, lets see..I'm 5'7, slender, I had hair so long that it looked like weave then I cut it all off now I look like Eve, I'm Jamie's mother, I'm happily divorced, sadly engaged, I am employed, I drink excessively, I'm bipolar, I enjoy relaxing, I love my family, I miss NO, I ain't no holla back girl (LOL), Juvenile is my favorite rapper, Tai--I didn't steal the "mz"-TOTAL coincidence...I'm a 7th Ward hardhead(and d*mn proud of it), I can be a bit of a snob but always down to earth (if that makes sense), I'm not telling you how old I am, My best friend is Mice, I am addicted to shoes, and now I'm tired of typing...Holla Back